Warcraft III Classic Installation (MacOS)

When attempting to install Warcraft III on MacOS 10.14.6, using installer downloaded from this forum post Warcraft III Classic Installation, the installed launcher prompts for only a CD key, with no option to sign in with Blizzard or anything. This was after pre-purchasing Warcraft III Reforged.

Good morning wmichelin,

In this case please get in touch via ticket and the colleagues will be able to assist.

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What’s your opinion?

Hi Kiemmaki, i just purchase Warcraft Reforged from the link above and when I try to run the launcher it show me only the field for the CD Key. Can you assist me in authenticate it?
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Hi Gianmaicol

As Kiemmaki advised for the original poster, please reach out to our colleagues via a Ticket, mention that you’re running on MacOS, and they’ll be able to get things sorted out for you


Same thing for me - where can I submit for a ticket?

Hey there wtawhsstdom

You can reach out to Support to take a look into it over here