Warzone 0x0000000142706248 8623824 0xc0000005

For the last 2 days, whenever I start Warzone my game crashes after a few seconds with error code: 0x0000000142706248 8623824 0xc0000005.

I have tried scanning and repairing, I have uninstalled and reinstalled.


Call of Duty Warzone is an Activision game, so you need to contact Activision Support for help.

  • Activision Support : https://support.activision.com/options

  • Activision Community : https://support.activision.com/community/s/

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I too have been getting crashes as of 2 days ago (2/17/2021). When I click on any Multiplayer mode the game will instantly freeze for 3-5 minutes then crash with error 0x0000000141f57559 8623824 0x00001337 ModernWarfare.exe

Warzone modes and private matches under Multiplayer work fine. The problem is with public multiplayer only. Activision will not help. I have tried reinstalling the game twice, reinstalled battle.net, cleared nvidia cache, scan and rebuild, reinstall nvidia drivers, etc etc. Nothing works.

Hello friend I today had the same problem and managed to solve it, first opening the game safely, bone with the most basic functions of your graphics card, then within the game configure the normal graphic options that I use but the option to solve graphics of things lower it to normal or low that I solve the problem I do not know what error there is at this time in the game but if I go up to high that option is when charging is bugged and takes me out of the game giving me the same mistake, luck and hopefully I’ll help you. :love_you_gesture:

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