Warzone cod... Plunders future?

me and my mates love to play plunder… its great with the limit being backup to 2 mill but may i suggest we have the choice wether to play solos, duos, trios and quads as and when we like? we get a full team nowadays and we have to halve to play duos… and thats a whole lot less fun… since thers more folk in trios and above maybe a higher limit for them before it goes into overtime? 4 mill for quads say, 3 for trios, 2 for duos and 1 for solos…

there is no future for it. They are keeping plunder everytime out of the gameplay. Now without a patchnote there only 2 game plays (those are similair) waiting… waiting and looking for new matches. There is no flow from battle, and spawn. It’s:

Looking for game
Shot death
Looking for New game

Oke i’m not that good, but im looking more to my loadingscreen then the actual game itselves.

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