WARZONE: diconnected from servers / can't access online services

fix your damn servers i’ve never seen this trash servers in any game before …im having problems with this game every other week wtf …i can’t even access the game any one having the same problem today ?


Same here,
WARZONE: diconnected from servers

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same here,you have been disconnected from call of duty modern warfare servers.

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Same here! Can u please fix this issue soon.

same here every time the same shit. when do they learn

Same here.we always ask waht happen but naver get replay from customer service

Same for me. It’s incredible: we have to pay for a game (because I have the complete MW) and we can’t play

Same issue, I wouldn’t mind so much if I could play the campaign to pass the time but it won’t even let you access the singleplayer content without a connection to their faulty servers, smh…

after update i have problem to connect a server

Aye, I’m having the same problem. I did downloaded the 33 GB update yesterday, even played a bit this morning but afternoon, the message appeared and I tried everything ever since to “fix” this issue, but nothing worked.

I hope I won’t have to redownload the game for a bad update.

Same here, i played in the afternoon but now at the night i cant enter in the servers

Same here, activision shows all services online. What a sad joke…

Oh, they push an update of another 25 G…great

idk why but a friend of mine can enter in the game but for me it disconnect from the servers

Exactly the same here. I did play a bit around 8pm, but then…more than a hour trying,and always the same errors

My friends playing with PS can access the game, but i have a pc and cannot

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Every single update breaking the servers… You guys have a very good QA policy no doubt on it. STOP RELEASING DOWNGRADES. TY!

working fine yesterday, now I’m getting put in a queue only to get “Disconnected from server” after the time.

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same here …might get into a game eventually … multiplayer …the game ends … the game crashes me back to desktop… loose all my COD points and i actually paid for this rubbish NO SEASON PASS for me next time… sort your game out…