Warzone- pc auto shutdown

I can’t play the game anymore due to auto shutdown. I can open the game and stay in the lobby but when the game or the countdown before the game ends, my pc will shutdown by itself. This only happens in WARZONE but in other games I can play them smoothly even RDR 2 and HALO Infinite. this started after I updated the game in battle.net application. Anyone having this same issue? any tips on how to solve it? Followed all youtube tutorial to fix this but to no avail, it all didn’t work.

My PC temp. are all good and within normal range.
Windows and GPU Driver are up to date.
Gaming mode in windows are off and both battle.net app and Warzone are in “run as administrator”


This forum is for technical support on the Blizzard Classic Games and the Battle.Net Desktop App. For support on Warzone, you need to contact Activision at https://support.activision.com/options .


Please contact Activision for Call of Duty support. https://support.activision.com