Warzone Plunder for 2!

who was the smart aleck who remove quads after that trios and force people to play by duos? I dont want to play BR trios its my choice. I m gonna stop playin cod its not fun anymore and many good game optins outthere!

Even though I always play Plunder solo (vs teams of 4), which is quite unbalanced and could very well benifit from the idea you’re suggesting, you made me change my mind. I legit do not want Blizzard/Activision to implement this solely because I wholeheartedly believe a company should never reward ‘threats’ and ‘blackmail’, which is apparently your interpretation of “feedback”. Besides, what makes you think anyone cares if you stop playing? That won’t change anything.

As for a counterargument to what you’re suggesting: Every game-mode initiates a new lobby/player-pool, meaning your suggestion would likely require additional servers, more maintenance, additional (probably reverse-proxy?) configurations and it’s probably something that’s already planned to be added once the VMs/servers hosting the current gamemodes are saturated by players therefore making such changes sustainable in the long run. (Not a dev, so don’t know if this hypothesis holds any factual ground)