WARZONE problem: update error battle.net. Stuck in a scan and repair loop

Hi guys! Every time I open blizzard, i need to update warzone; BUT I’m stuck in a scan and repair LOOP!

I tried to delete all the files idx on the folder “data”, but it doesn’t work anyway…
I tried also to reinstall blizzard app. But NOTHING! It doesn’t work!
I don’t want to reinstall the game… NO WAY I DO IT

I’m so sad


change the country…

The same thing, for three days now, I tried many options, but so far nothing helps, the game has not yet been reinstalled

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There is a solution from Vengence, you need to delete all files in the /Data/data folder .idx and data. files with file sizes of 1 KB each

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Applying this resolve the problem. I did have the same problem and deleting the *.IDX files and the data. files of 1kB , now back again !

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Thanks man had the same issue as you, but now with deleting all of those you mentioned its again up and running!