Warzone startup problem

Warzone doesnt start up. When pressing the play button it says playing now, after a few seconds the play button appears again. did thje scan and repair, no problems found?

Plz help


Проблема есть у многих после обновления, результата пока не

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Same problem here after the update. Turned off virus program and running scan again as it says to do. See if it works this time.

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j’ai le même problème pour moi , j’ai lancé une vérification/réparer du jeu et impossible de me connecter au jeux une fois finis ! j’ai désactivé l’antivirus le proxy ect …

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Same here, did everything I could, re-installed the game like 3 times, scanned and repaired it 5 times, disabled bunch of background programs, completely re-installed my drivers from fresh and still nothing, starting to give up on this game.

Hope they will patch this mess soon :rage:

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Same issue here, after the uppdate it is impossible to start the game from battlenet.
I use PC.
Tried: reinstalling, scan and fix, troubleshoot options, firewall etc.

No luck…

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If you have avast installed DISABLE the FILE SHIELDS. For me they don’t recognise the new game files and block them. My game works now! Even after several other attempts at a fix

Adding to the list of “me too”. I have tried:

Scanning files
Updating nVidia drivers (windows is already up-to-date)
Renaming player folder in Documents
Running Battle.net as admin (despite only having one account that is admin)
Deleting all Warzone files except those in the \Data\data folder that are over 1GB
Uninstalling and reinstalling Warzone
Uninstalling Warzone and Battle.net, removing remaining files and folders, restarting and reinstalling
Disabling AV
Disabling all startup items and restarting
Disabling all startup items and non-Microsoft services and restarting
System restore

That’s it! I’ve spent a week trying to get it to run and no joy. Just “Playing Now” and Warzone sits in Task Manager using ~15% CPU and 525MB RAM.

This happened when Season 3 began. I played the end of season zombie event and haven’t been able to play since…

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Are they going to do something about this? Only took me a whole day to install the damn game and now it won’t start. I have tried updating graphics drivers, stopping services, reinstalling the game, reinstalling battle.net, I have disabled firewalls and antivirus. Not sure what to do at this point.

Same here, since last update the game is always crasing after a few secs

Same here tried everythink.

-update drivers
-change regions

nothing works