Warzone will not launch, no errors

Hi all,

I don’t seem to be able to raise a ticket with Blizzard due to an error

‘You can’t submit this ticket.
An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later.’

So thought I’d try asking in the forum instead. Warzone has worked fine for MONTHS. Today it wont launch, the blizzard app says ‘Now Playing’, and i can see warzone in task manager, but thats’ all!

I’ve tried;
Windows Updates
Graphics Updates
Uninstall - reboot - Reinstall
Fixing the install via the blizzard page
Made sure its in the firewall and allowed
Launched as Administrator
Deleting Battlenet Cache file

Anything i’ve missed :frowning: ?

Hi Swanky,

Can you check in your task manager, when opening battlenet there are more battlenets open? If so, shut those down.

Or run COD directly from the Explorer route. Click on the chainwheel next to play in the battlenet app, “show in explorer” And run the ModernWarfare.exe (not the modernwarfare launcher).

Hey PoOKa,

Thanks for replying to me.

I just tried that, and the game still wont run. I don’t see multiple battlenets when i try to launch it that way. When i try to launch Warzone directly from ProgramFiles the same thing happens. I can see Warzone in task manager, but it never actually starts.

For some reason today too when i try to launch via blizzard i get BLZBNTBNA00000012. I’ve searched for all of the related articles to do with that error, there doesn’t seem to be anything else that I haven’t tried yet :frowning:

Please contact Activision for Call of Duty support. https://support.activision.com