Warzone/Blizzard Launcher broken

So I launch WZ and it goes to battle.net launcher, I press play and its says error, check for updates or scan and repair; when this eventually successfully completes after several attempts it says no issues). BLZBNTBN00000012 is the error code.

The only way I can get in is if I go to explorer and open warzone from the folder, which has roughly a 50% success rate. Fortunately i no longer have to go into data and delete the 0-2kb files to launch WZ.

I have reinstalled both WZ and the Bnet launcher and it hasn’t helped at all. any suggestions as this is getting tedious.

EDIT: i have all the programs set to run as admin. this also didnt help


Similar problem here. game froze after trying to modify and save a loadout. When scan and repair is finished an error message appears “Ups, seems that something is not functioning…”.
Scan starts again, always with the same result.

Sorry to here about your Scan Loop issues, I would recommend you try the steps here.
Make sure to try the Advanced steps too.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: