WC3 reforged tldr

So i just bought Warcraft® III: Reforged Spoils of War and i have three questions.

1: did i just buy a DLC and not the game?

2: when i open the game to play it asks me to log in and when i do that it says there was an error handling the request

3: how long does it take for blizzard to make a refund ? i because i wane buy the standard edition before the midnight ding at 4th July

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Good evening,

I’d like to also just comment on this post as I have the exact same issue. I cannot log in, the launcher doesnt even acknowledge I have the game and after downloading it via the link for in case the launcher download doesnt auto-start I have the issue as posted in the original post above.

I’d also like to add as I’m sure this will be argued. The order for WCIII reforged was listed as confirmed in my transaction history.

Can this PLEASE be looked into asap ?

There’s some chatter about this in the official W3R forums…this one thread does have a Blizzard response:

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I have found those but none of the solutions helped. Opened a ticket now … if no response by end of the evening guess i’ll just refund the game, since I cant play it.

The ticket system is quite busy atm… reply time is longer than the usual 24~48 hours. I doubt very much that you will get a reply by “the end of the evening”.

Good luck with this.