What the hell have you done to BG

Just played a game and came across 3 players in a row with minions over 100hp minions at round 8, 9 & 10… And this was similar to the other games I’ve played

Before this update there were at least still games very enjoyable. When Elementals and Quillboars weren’t in, at least it somewhat required a bit of tactics… Now it’s 99% determined on what you’re drawing.

It was such an enjoyable when it came out and it was by far the best game mode I’ve played in many years, but that became drastically worse whenever new minions were added… The only update with new minions that was decend was the one between Elementals and Quillboars, the rest were all as cancerous as you could possibly make it…

I’ll give it a couple more attempts to see if it’s really as bad as it looks and if it is, I’m done with this game.