What the hell is with these prices!

Good Grief Blizzard… seems this is a get rich fast kinda way. Some people needs to convert their currencies and god dammit… the prices are for your games are expensive…even the montly costs…

From someone who had every Blizzard Game to someone that cant even afford it anymore.
Maybe get rich before you dont have subscribers anymore?


It’s a business after all.

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yes it is a business but good business is to keep customers happy and not just screw them
for every penny they can.

there is a political situation with activation as well, the CMA blocked MS from purchasing
Activision for 69 billion but CNBC “While Microsoft said it remains committed to the acquisition and plans to appeal the CMA’s decision, Francis said that’s difficult to do and it’s common for parties to abandon at this stage.” so let’s get as much money in as possible thanks players. the most important thing as always is the shareholders