Where the hell is my game

I just purchased the vault edition of MW3, battle.net says the game is in my library, but I have no option to download/install the game. WTH is happening here.


See Activision’s website here:

I also did the following post before Activision corrected their website:

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There is no tick box for MW3 when I select CoD, just base game plus the option of the other game modes

Perhaps the transaction is not complete yet ?

Check the Transaction History on your Battle.Net Account:

If the transaction says Complete… you’ll probably have to contact Blizzard Support with a ticket…


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transaction is complete, this is a complete and utter farce.

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There’s two postings that stood out to me in the other thread posted above by Boubou.

These are just quotes from other players finding a solution and I’ve also seen this posted on other websites too:

  1. I had to uninstall cod and battlenet. after reinstalling battlenet i went to install cod and thats when i got the dropdown list"

  2. “Just switch the blizzard app to beta and the drop downs should come back. It’s on blizzards end not Activision.”

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Dont you just love blizzard!

LoveLove Blizzard everyday :smiley: