Which is better: RX 6650M or RTX 3050 Ti for Diablo 4?

Dear Diablo 4 community

Official support could not answer our question.

As you know, Diablo 4 is quite poorly optimized and does not support a sufficiently large number of video cards for laptops and mini-PCs.

We found 2 options for the most suitable mini-PC configurations:

  1. AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX (3.3 GHz), RAM 32 GB (DDR5 4800 MHz), SSD, AMD Radeon RX 6650M (8GB)
  2. Intel Core i7 12700H (2.3 GHz), RAM 32 GB (DDR4 3200 MHz), SSD, Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti (8GB)

There are performance tests on the Internet for Diablo 4 on the Nvidia RTX 3050 video card, which show good results. There are no tests of Diablo 4 on the AMD Radeon RX 6650M on the Internet.
However, there are reviews on the Internet of Nvidia RTX 3050 and Radeon RX 6600 video cards compared in the 50 most recent games (Diablo 4 was not there).

According to the results of these reviews, the Radeon RX 6600 significantly outperformed the Nvidia RTX 3050 (by about 25%). Therefore, it is worth assuming that the Radeon RX 6650M should be better in Diablo 4 in Diablo 4. However, we are not completely sure.

Please tell me which of the 2 above mini pc configurations is the best for Diablo 4?

Maybe you want to ask that question in the forum for Diablo 4 instead of the one dedicated exclusively for collecting feedback on the Battle.net launcher app?

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Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately, I am unable to post threads on the Diablo 4 forum. Could you please post my thread on your behalf?
I will be very glad to receive your help.

Last Epoch or Path of exile 2(when it comes)