Why won't Blizzard block persistent game droppers, team killers etc?

I know I’m p@%£ing in the wind to even raise this topic given the total lack of interest Blizzard has ever shown in dealing with the problem.

But if nothing else, it would be nice to have an explanation of why Blizzard is so indifferent to trolls spoiling the gaming experience on Battlenet?
It’s like a restaurateur watching one of their guests defecating on the furniture and doing nothing about it!

I know you can’t force everyone to behave perfectly all the time.
But it wouldn’t be that hard to detect and block individuals or bots that drop games, team kill, or go AFK every sing game!

yes, you need to control every little move on the internet, and go after everybody you do not like, the Trolls. Are you going to stay indifferent to such horrible Trolls about everywhere ?

It is like, shutting everybody down, because some lazy oversensitive narcissist gets his ego hurt on everything ?

How about … why did Blizz even force people in certain games to go online ? They have no right to do that. They sell something, they have no right to manage any of their wannabe privileges they would like. Blizz defecated in your face and you said : Thank you.

You know you can force everyone to behave perfectly all the time, when you give option to go offline and have offline LAN. This would allow to not even have the problems with online. No bots, no tam kills, you only play with people you know. And AFKing for hours even, who cares when youre offline and can do some proper LAN party :smiley:


Did u actually manage to read the post? Because your reply reads like the ranting of someone who read two-thirds of the title and then decides to respond to that.