Windows UAC permissions request for update and admin agent

Yesterday i launched the launcher. Got a pop up from the Windows UAC regarding wanting to make a change. I believe this is usual when it wants to do some updates.

Though what I thought was odd, was i got 2 of these UAC pop ups.

One was from the “ update agent” and the other was from “ admin agent”

Was interested if anyone knows what the difference between the two is?

I’ve noticed on the US forms, similar questions have been asked. Looks to be around the same time i had the pop ups. Though no one has answered the question yet.


I had the same thing pop up a couple hours ago… seemed legit and clicked yes without giving it too much thought as I thought it was just part of an update, but then realised it was the admin agent which seemed unusual. Worried now that I should have clicked no, just looking for some reassurance now!

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I had the same pop up 3 times today while playing Diablo 4

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I have the same. I don’t normally mind them but not when I’m the middle of a Mythic+ run. I have had it happen multiple times now during WoW that these pop up on the main screen, cause the system to lose focus of the game! Please don’t allow this to happen during games Blizzard. Or at least let them not steal focus of the game because that’s deadly when you’re doing challenging content.

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Yeah, my entire guild and I, have had these notifications during very important gaming. Pops up and puts the game your playing in the background long enough to get your killed. WE just want a response from you blizzard, whats going on over there with microsoft and battlenet making love on my computer just for the stupid pass?

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Was in comp and got this pop up for admin agent i clicked yes Has not appeared since i will keep yall updated

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literally just had this happen to me and can’t remember it ever happening before. 2 different UAC popups. I am in NA though.

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Found a video of it happening in the middle of a match (9:48)

(I am not the dude from the video, nor do i know him)

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same to me, very strange considering that still comes out and is talking about an admin port.
Can come out for many reasons, we need Blizzard to reassure about security risks

I’ve noticed a lot more posts in various other blizzard forums (wow, diablo etc…) have appeared with similar questions now. Sadly no actual response to the concern yet.

But yeah the loglevel=4 and adminport access requests that were made from that UAC popup has unnerved me. I really hope an official support response will happen soon. Though i may be a bit paranoid, i’d just like to know why they need that access. As well as to put my mind at ease.

I’ve also logged a ticket with support, hopefully they’ll get back to me soon. If so i’ll post the response here.


On further investigation i was looking at the battle net logs from the day the UAC pop ups appeared. After clicking yes for one of them.

When it launched via admin, gave itself loglevel=4 access and hit up an adminport. It apparently did the following:

Configuring Listener socket on port 6881 for SO_REUSEADDR - false for NonBlockingAccept - false and local access only

Agent started on port #6881

Which sounds concerning. Anyone know whats happening here? Is this normal?