World Of Warcraft - Mythic plus community is bad

Alright so. Long story short. Had a shit experience with it. (Low keys, 18 and down)

I’m a 3.4k brewmaster monk and been tanking since shadowlands. I’m literally out of words of how bad the experience has gotten.

You try to help people with telling them how they could help the group with completion of the dungeon and they just blame you for not kicking and then you check details incase you actually forgot to kick and, SUPRISE 21 kicks overall and over 80 CC done.

I just did a 14 NO to get some valor and I only do around 11-18s just to help people catch up in rating (free boosting) and we had 1 resto shaman, 1 ret pala, 1 bm hunter, dest warlock and ofc me, brewmaster monk. Pretty good CC and interrupt wise. As a tank since early shadowlands, I’ve always started the pull kinda out of range for everyone just to claim aggro a lil bit quicker (its a habit now) and I can handle it, never died when I’ve done it since I check where everyones at. Eitherway the group I just had went crazy cause apperently they died to fixicated spells from the mobs, and I saw it. I used my kick on the spell ofc everytime I could and got called out cause “I didn’t kick” WHEN I DID.

My asumption for the reason of all the “shit players” that have just flooded the lower keys of mythic plus is that the veterans have returned.

I just want to be able to pug some low keys and help at the same time while gaining valor without getting literally shit on in the chat and called a moron.

Please all veteran players. Respect the feedback that you get when you play, don’t think that you’re always right cause you ain’t, that’s just how it is.