World of warcraft tbc transfer

Phase 3 has been announced for tbc classic. The last low populated servers are impossible to play on at this moment.
Auction house collapsed, finding dungeon groups is impossible. Even finding an raid group is impossible at this point. For the monthly subscription people may expect some service to enjoy the game.

Could you guys please fix free transfers from the last low populated servers EU like Noggenfogger to high populated servers before Phase 3 so that we can actually start enjoy playing tbc again?

Forcing people to pay 25 euro for each character while paying the monthly subscription is just recking players and causing them to stop playing.

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This forum is for technical support on Classic Games such as Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or Diablo II (2000).

World of Warcraft has its own forums here:

Please use the WoW forums for this issue.