Worst Launch day experience ever. MW2

Battlenet download speeds for MW2 crashing down to tens of KB/s… on a 930Mb/s connection. Steam downloading at full capacity (about 67MBytes/s)…
Then MW2… wow. Server crashes, unable to join parties, and a broken Hardcore mode with no proper hit markers.
The worst launch day experience I can remember for COD.
IW / Activision should hang their heads in shame and issue an apology.


It’s a shambles…can’t even download it due to the servers giving me 20kbs to download…battle.net sort it out…bought the game and still can’t download from your rubbish servers

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down to 1 B/s download speed, unbelievable

Blizzard fix your upload speed… this is just insane, downloading at sub 1mb/s?

me and my mate where playing trump card games and lowest download speed wins… you cant beat the time my download hit 0 bits/sec.

I Hereby Call for blizzard to supply all COD MW2 owners to receive a STEAM code for the game to take the download capacity issue away from them entirely.
Problem solved!

Battle.net is a joke tbh.
Don’t get these crappy downloads with anybody else.

When are you going to sort your shit out???

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Its the same every time a major download or update drops. Worse times are when a new season starts or new maps like today. Yes Battlenet/Blizzard are a joke. The day a new game hits the market on a different platform is the day I bin this game.
Utter shambles. Cannot be doing with the hassle. No more cash from me.

Do i need to wait for million hours because of Warzone 2 ? I dont even play this *** game ? I removed Wotlk client because i didnt open the game after the patch. Then i said i think i need to remove battle net and install again maybe it works this time. I did it, guess what happened ? I CANT INSTALL BATTLENET ! OMGGG

How can they put it out to download and play for free when people that bought the game cant play and downloade the game .

that’s the con keeps going on