WoTLK Dungeon Finder removal is a horrible thing

Ladies, Gents!

So, we’ve watched the expansion reveal and the WoTLK re-introduction as well.
One point that literally killed us is the removal of Dungeon Finder option.

What is the exact reason behind it, how did it come to erase the Finder?!
We started playing WoW in TBC Phase 3 and by the time it came to WoTLK, DF was the best thing that could happen to us after TBC - with all those chat spams etc.

DF is not against the “fabric of community”, as it never were - you always have the chance to go into a specific dungeon with your group if you want to do that.

Please just tell me that I got it wrong and DF will be there by the time we are starting our Journeys on Northrend.



I was shocked as well: the one big thing I was looking for was DF! Why discontinue? Nobody was, is or will be forced to use it.


i was hoping they was bringing it out. as a player that mostly quest and plays on my own and trying to find dungeons is hard enough ,when people are not doing the lower level dungeons.


Its true… why was it not possible to provide an option? Server with DF\ Server without DF. And everyone is happy…


This is one of the best things in the game, I couldn’t wait for WoLTLK to come because of DF, for a solo player this is perfect especially for warrior dps that no one wants to take, for me it’s crippling the game. If it’s such a problem to make servers with and without


Holly Longdale:
Now let’s talk about some changes. So, one thing we looked at is Dungeon Finder. And it feels like, how we envisioned Classic, Dungeon Finder is not a good fit for our community.

Dungeon Finder is not a good fit for our community.

  • Says who? The 1% of the community that actually have been able to take feedback polls regarding your game?

John Hight:
That was kind of the first step that way have eroded some of that social fabric. Now, as people have gone through the experience of going back to vanilla, rebuilding those groups, relying on each other, and not wanting a random participant just to show up and leave. Yeah, that make total sense.

That was kind of the first step that way have eroded some of that social fabric.

  • I would say a waste majority of the people doing dungeons are using LFG channels or Dungeon Finder tool in SoM & TBC.

…,and not wanting a random participant just to show up and leave.

  • You will still be stuck with random people either way if you queue from Dungeon Finder or from LFG channel as a waste majority is doing today.

Ion Hazzikostas:
But, today, you can do that in Shadowlands. You can do that in Dragonflight. It’s a self-selected group of people who specifically want that different experience. Let’s make sure we continue to give them that.

But, today, you can do that in Shadowlands. You can do that in Dragonflight.

  • Removing a good solutions to make the game worse and then appealing to their retail expansion as a solution. Seem like Blizzard are trying to get players over from classic to retail now that this possible will be the last Classic expansion.

I see no benefit from removing the “Dungeon Finder” as people that have active friends and guild members will make groups and sign through the system together if they want to. People that are more casual and maybe doesn’t have that big of a selection of active friend or guild members will be forced to spam LFG channel and be teamed up with 5 random people either way.

The fact that Dungeon Finder tool actually have gear restriction, all though this can easily be manipulated, makes it easier to avoid under geared players. I guess we’ll still have normal & heroic daily quests a long side weekly raid quest, but further on in the expansion less people will be doing heroics as then emblem do not benefit their gear progression anymore. Instead of having one popular dungeon each day that people get locked to (Heroic) we will have a wider spread of dungeon & heroics being runned. Players that are needing specific loot from heroics will be teamed up with people that couldn’t care less what dungeon they are running, as long they get their daily reward.

For me the Dual Talent Specializaiton & Dungeon Finder have been the two single best implementation to the game. Removing the Dungeon Finder from Wotlk will make no impact on the “social players” and making it worse for the “single players”, its a terrible decision.


Actually, Removing the dungeon finder is a terrible thing. I want to play with friends and not spend a lot of time flying to the dungeon, not to communicate with and contact with other people. Leave DF! Removing it is a pointless thing, and many people played WOTLK for it.



I was also suprised but not in good way. As a casual player who have a kids and going to work i was looking for a wotlk Dungeon Finder. You can easly get a group if you play on low population server or you dont have to waste time reading LFG chat / bulletin board.
Alsi if you want to join dungeon you dont have to waste a lot of your valuable time by flying there. You can make your group via LFG chat and smoothly and quickly go for a quick dungeon via dungeon finder. This way person can go at least 1-2 more dungeons in same time. By only not fly there … people who wants to explore Northrend by fly will do so either way. If you are going to dne dungeon you wont stop mid-way to just look at some pretty flowers on ground …

I hope they will re-consider this as Dungeon Finder in wotlk is huge time saver. For casual and hardcore players… and if someone do not want to use it, he/she dont need to.


I’ve got to say this is my biggest disappointment since classic launched. LFD was my favorite thing about WOTLK and some of the most fun I’ve had playing wow. I was really looking forward to leveling alts through dungeon finder and getting to play through a ton of dungeons that I can never find groups for anymore.

This was finally the push to unsubscribe for me. I love running dungeons, but the time it takes to put groups together and travel to old content dungeons just isn’t compatible with the amount of other responsibilities I have at this point in my life


Well, according to “Classic community”: social bonds is a big part of what makes Classic their game, and its always hilarious when u read that blizz is referring to “bonding ppl” and “better game experience”.

It has to be be great business move, blizz just rejected alota subs, because … Classic community. Imo classic should stay whey the are, onx and aq40.

Even more ppl will w8 untill next expansion, some golems and dragons, and …something, but no1 knows what, not even developers.


In this real DF is good idea


please don’t do this it was best improve in all patches , we hate to spend so much time for create a group for a dungeon :confused:


man i am a casual player (have a job and a family that is not limited to a dog or a cat) there for not all that much time to play like when i was a kid , i weighted for WoTLK since they lonched wow clasic and they are telling that df is out ? wth ? if they dont want mi money i will give it to private servers


The main “social interaction” I have experienced with this excuse for a “tool” (btw a “tool” is something that is meant to be useful) is : “…your request to join xxxx has been declined”. My guess is that Blizzard wanted a way to say ingame fu in a nice way ??? Still unsure exactly what goal they are trying to achieve to make almost impossible to get into a dungeon with anyone other than your guild. So much for encouraging “social interaction”. This “tool” has basically locked everyone into just grouping with their guild and restricting introduction to players outside of their guild


The inexplicable removal of DF caused me to leave this game (stop paying) and I switched to WOTLK on a private server where DF is normal. If someone didn’t want to use it, they don’t have to remove the omg completely. It is no longer true that the original game is better than Free servers. After so many years, I can only say that the game is no longer able to adapt to today’s trends. So thank you for removing DF in WOTLK.

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Yes Blizzard, please reconcider at least releasing two different servers - one with and one without RDF, me as thousands of other players was waiting for this and I do not want to switch from my favourite expansion or play in a pirate server just so that I can enjoy actually the ORIGINAL WOTLK gameplay in that matter (or at least at some point). Removing the feature has not improved my gameplay at all and is just a waste of everybody’s time. How come the feature is not good for the community, yet each of your new releases does have it? How exactly do you separate your community?


Insert “I am a little upset meme” here

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yes this comment is solely for fulfilling combatlogs requirement

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Personally I am finding the game difficult without RDF. Since first time around I now have kids and all the trappings of a career and can only dip into the game for an hour hear and there. It means dungeons are pretty much impossible, as you don’t pass the gear check, and you can’t get the gear, because you can’t do the dungeons.

RDF was the leveller and really needs to be brought in for the casual player that classic should be attracting.

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