WoW account got hacked and then banned. Appeal penalty denied

From March 30th to 31st my account has been hacked, my WoW WoTLK character had half of his gear sold/destroyed with all valuables and gold stolen. It took me around 30 minutes to regain control over my account, I used the Item Restoration option to get back most of my gear, but I’ve noticed that my account was muted (chat and mail options restricted) and after about 2 hours my account got blocked and subscription cancelled.

I’ve filed an Account hacked ticket that same night, providing all the information I could but it remains unanswered to this day. Earlier today I’ve filed an Appeal penalty ticket describing my situation and received the generic copy-paste response:


This action has been taken in accordance with our Terms of Use and our In-game Policies ( ), which all players acknowledge and agree to prior to playing. These policies and conditions allow us to maintain a fun and safe game environment for all of our players.

*Our Terms of Use can be found at *

Game Master Team
Blizzard Entertainment

Why am I being penalized for actions beyond my control that were not committed by me? And why is CS not willing to help me in this situation? I can provide any form of self-identification if need be (phone call or a selfie with my ID). At this point I don’t care about the stolen items and gold, I just want my account back.

Seeing as ticket one remains without an answer and ticket two provided a useless response I’m left with creating a topic here.

Your guild misses you and everyone hopes this is resolved soon!

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This forum is for feedback and suggestions on the Battle.Net Launcher – Blizzard rarely posts here.

Good – that was the right thing to do.

You have a ticket number so your ticket was properly submitted. You’re in a queue and you need to wait until your turn comes up for Blizzard Support to start working on your ticket. I don’t know how long the queue is… on 20 March, a Blizzard Forum person said the waiting time for a reply was of the order of a week. Hopefully, Blizzard has made some progress and that time is now shorter.

Yeah – you need to wait for the Account compromised ticket to be resolved. Right now, all the 2nd GM saw was the awful things the hacker did to your account.

You’ll need to wait… in the meantime, you need to secure your computer and figure out how the hacker got your login credentials; as a minimum, you need to change the password on that e-mail. Also, if you use that e-mail as an identifier for other games, or banking, or anywhere else… then these are potentially at risk.

Blizzard may ask you for additional information, including a new e-mail for your account; if / when they do, don’t reply to their e-mail… reply to your ticket instead. If your ticket was closed, create a new one and reference your current ticket number in it (so Blizzard can link the 2 tickets)… and then provide the information that was requested.

Good luck with this… you will need to be patient. Yours is not the only account that got hacked… unfortunately.

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Regarding the ticket numbers: I would strongly advise to remove them from your post because basically anyone can now create his own ticket to prompt support to close them because the case has been resolved! And I guess that’s not what you would like to experience…

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I did remove them as per your suggestion, but they are still visible in Boubou’s reply.

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Thanks for the reminder – I’ve removed the ticket number as well.

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Customer Support replied to both my tickets and resolved the issue. I’ve got my account back!


Glad to hear that…

Best of luck in your games!!

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This happened to me aswell, is there no way of actually getting a hold of a GM and having a conversation? The way I’m seeing it is they won’t trust what I say through a ticket…

No. The only way to contact Blizzard Support is through a ticket.

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Hey man I know its unrelated to the topic but support is not helping me with country region change stuff. Do you know which board can get my problem to attention?


Yes – I saw your other post but I don’t like getting shouted at… so I gave it a wide berth.

There are no forums for that type of issue… you need to use the country change self service, as indicated in:

From your other post, it seems that didn’t work for you for some reason… and looking through the menu system, the only other place where you could perhaps get some help is under the “Account / Can’t Login / Update phone number”. Click on the “Contact Us” button.

The script will take you through the “Identity Verification” system… which most of us aren’t too fond of but that’s what we’re stuck with until Blizzard changes it… again. Once you’re past that, explain in details that you’ve tried to use the Country Change Self Service but that it didn’t work and ask for help… and provide a legible image of a recent utility bill with your name and new address.

If the question doesn’t apply… say so or reply “None” or something similar. You can skip the question too but the number of skips is limited.

More than that… I cannot say… I’m a player, not Blizzard. Perhaps TMan or someone else will have other ideas and/or suggestions.

Good luck !

P.S.: There is a forum where you can provide feedback on the support system… provide constructive criticism or your post may be ignored:

Haha sorry about that. I am just frustrated with their support system. I had the same problem at the time of ow2 launch. Every response was from another person and it’s like they don’t even care. Even thought about taking legal action or charging back. Its just insane to me that they can just lock us in like that. I literally cannot play the game I paid for…