Wow BFA 9,1 not working

Hi i cant play wow 9,1 after shadowlands pre patch game crash at start

last monday 12,10 2020 it vork fine i play mythic dungeon ja W Q no prolem BUT tuesday after i get back home start game but it crash i played over 300h this pc wow no prolem but after shadowlands pre patch cant even run game

i have Nvidia 2080ti and 32gb ddr4 + intel i7 prosessor

Diablo 3 or overwatch or wow classic and other game like steam game work

have you tried deleting your cache and rename the WTF folder and disable all add ons? Usually this will help me if I have an issue you describe. Add-ons are usually the issue when a new major patch comes out.

Don’t delete the WTF folder though as this folder holds all information about your settings. Rename the WTF folder back if it didn’t solve your issues.

Usually though it’s an add-on issue. Just disable them all and start adding them one by one again and see where you start to have issues again.