WOW Classic - bots bots bots bots

When will blizzard take action against bots??? nothing happening on my server even tho i have reported the same people countless of times, i have even gotten my guild to help me report them aswell, but NOTHING happens, same people everyday bot the same shit over and over again, and they sell the shit on AH and get free gold, starting to get ridic!!! It’s realy discourageing that this goes on everyday while i have to sit many hours to earn a decent amount of gold and those gold sellers just turn on a switch and they earn their shit 4 free??? Should i buy a bot aswell??? Because this ain’t working anymore!!

No proofs? Give us some

Please do continue to report any suspicious players you see, they do get investigated and we do action accounts for botting and automated play.
If you’re unsure that we take action, you could google around and find many posts from players banned from Classic for Botting.

I understand that when you come across them in-game it gets your blood boiling, but I assure you once we have confirmed the use of botting software we remove these players from the game.


you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see who is botting or not. Cant GM’s spectate them for 5min and see they are completly monotone bots? is that to much to ask for? i can’t earn any gold because they destroy the Auction House!

Lets be clear, i made over 10 tickets, About lost quest item, Restoration page items, Miss looted items, --> 10 GM’s Same reply will be follow—>

Hey, it’s Me “A Another SHITTY GM” "iam sorry for some reason… But there is nothing we can do from here. Please try to do it over again and google for reasons… Try forums…

I SEARCH IN GOOGLE i find out last banned wave was in September 2019 ! until now there is not solid prof blizzard doing anything about bots ( back in 2004 best game support exist in wow ) now … hehe i dont see it and i dont think so