WoW-Classic dead server

Hello, I took a break from wow classic in BC, when I came back in Wrath the entire horde faction jumped ship and I was in the 1% horde pop on the server (plus a queue time of 180 minues). Me transfering all my chars to one of the lower pop servers was the sane thing to do. So I went to Hydraxian waterlords - RP (would have wanted a PvP server, but this was the only real choice).
Everything was fine for a few months, until everyone stopped logging, now this server is DEAD, you can barely do any heroics+ , raiding can be done only with some of the guildies that login, but even those are lower and lower. Because there is nothing to do slowly I started making alts … but at some point you reach your limit until you want to barf (I’m not the only one that at one point will simply decide to cancel the damn subscription and look for something else - not WoW retail if that is what you would suggest, I’m not a masochist).
As I am posting this, the entire population on a raid rest day is 45 people (lvl 1-80). This is also considering the lvl 78-79 paladin bots from WG that I reported months back but they are still present.
IS THERE A PLAN TO MERGE some of the deserted servers, so that we can have a server where you can do something ?
PS: NO , I won’t pay 8 x 25€ to transfer all of my chars to one of the more stable servers.