Wow classic question

hi was just wondering …
atm I am playing the wow retail were you have the first 20 LVL free just to get a feel for the game. I am considering going to wow classic with a monthly subscription. will I lose the progress my character has made and start from beginning in wow classic?

Hi, sammieRaw! o/

When you are trying the game, you are playing the latest version of the game (in this case, 8.2.5, with 8.3 coming next week). Classic and Battle for Azeroth are different games, meaning that your progress is not shared among them.

In other words, the character you are playing currently with is not a Classic character, and if you want to play Classic, you will need to start over. The same subscription can be used to play the latest patch though (up to level 110/Legion content), and there you will be able to use your character and continue your adventure.

thanks for the advice after reading some stuff I realized the difference.
good to see if I take subscription I will be able to use both games too.