WoW retail crashing/freezing in dungeons

I started playing WoW Retail on my MacBook Air (2017) last wednesday. Since then I’ve been getting freezes and crashes in every dungeon I’ve played. It hasn’t happened a single time when playing overworld content, like leveling and questing. I have tried everything and scoured the forums for a possible solution, but none of them have worked for me… The issue seems to happen when theres a lot going on, like in bossfights with huge AoE’s. It does happen from time to time with simple mobs as well, but mostly in bossfights.

What happens is my screen freezes up, but sound is still playing. Some times i can tab out of the game and do other stuff on my Mac. On a rare occasion my whole Mac freeze up and I have to force shut it. The freezes usually last for about 10 seconds, but sometimes longer.

List of things I’ve tried:

  • Disabling all addons / deleted and re-downloaded the addons
    • This includes disabling them one by one to see if its a specific addon causing trouble
  • Playing on the lowest quality possible
  • Reinstall the game entirely
  • Scan and Repair on the Battle. net app
  • Reset my mac’s SMC (twice, because I didn’t know if I did it correctly)
  • Cleaned up my harddrive etc.
  • Closed all applications while playing
  • And of course I’ve tried turning it off and on again…

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated, because I’m clueless!

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Having the exact same issue. Following for help. I too can not seem to find an answer out there. Do you have the same issue using both internal and external monitors?

The whole game is almost unplayable since patch 8.3 if you’re on an Mac with Intel graphics. I havn’t been able to do ANY group content since patch hit.

Every time I play since 8.3, my computer freezes once in a while and even restarts after a freeze a couple of times. PvP, raids, dungeons and other instance play is impossible to complete. Either I get kicked by players for being inactive (frozen computer) or by the game from being afk (frozen computer).

I have tried anything and everything to make things better but nothing works.

Things that seem to trigger the freeze is many players in one place and spells with heavy animations.

Also, even when not freezing, my fan is going like crazy and computer is overheating.

I’m on a MacBook Pro 2019 upgraded. None of this shouldn’t be happening.

See this thread in US forums:

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Had the exact same problem won’t be renewing my sub anymore tried all the stuff suggested made no difference.
Blizzard don’t seem to care as it’s a minority problem and won’t cost them much if we all leave.

I’m having the exact same problem, not only in dungeons, also in battlegrounds and open world sometimes… I’m on a Macbook Pro 2018. I’m sad, just started playing the game on friday.

Exact same here MacBook Pro 13, 2017.

In Dungeons, Cutscenes and Stormwind. Started playing again yesterday and always played on this Macbook before without any problems!

Really glad that I found this thread, I have just started playing WOW on my 2017 MacBook Pro and have the same exact problem.

I first thought the laptop is simply overmatched but apparently that’s not the case? Was there ever some kind of solution?