WoW Subscription prices for Egyptian players are INSANE

hi, there is a major issue for WoW players from Egypt right now.

see if you would look up the currency exchange rates at the moment, 1 euro equals around ~53 egyptian pounds and for me to have an active subscription to play the game it would take a huge sum of my monthly salary to subscribe for 1 month, 13 euros is around ~700 egyptian pounds and that is alot for the average salaries around here.

So if the team responsible for setting prices for products maybe, just maybe shake these prices a bit, and do something for players in my country to be able to play the game regularly and not have to save every few months to actually play for 1 month.

Also all banks here in egypt charge an extra 10% on any purchase made with foreign currency, that would mean an extra 70 pounds on the monthly ~700 pounds for a 1 month sub with a total of around ~770 pounds for just one month.

please take this matter seriously, its affecting a very large number of players from my country and thanks in advance.

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