Wrong country code when adding phone number

Hi there,
I’m trying to add a phone number to my account and switched countries, when I noticed it was still set to the old one.
The problem is, when I try to add a phone number now, the old country code is still preset in the account option menu. I’ve tried logging in again and restarting the battle.net client (I know, the settings are browser based, but couldn’t hurt). Unfortunately the country code window still remains locked to the old number.
If anyone has an idea on how to fix this issue, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.

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Hey Yureinobbie,

I would suggest that you try resetting the password of the account. That should help out with the country change update.

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Thank you so much, it worked like a charm :+1:

Hey guys, can someone tell me how can i change the country or link a phone number from outside the country without having to contact the support?

Having the same issue. I’ve tried resetting my password, but the option to change the country code doesn’t become available. This is a weird and dumb restriction. I moved out of the country, and now that I want to play Warzone I can’t.

If the country that is registered to your account does not match the country you are currently residing in, you can update your country from here.

As part of the process, you may be required to contact Support, depending on the required change. If so, please make sure to submit the request with the required documentation.

Hey, I have a similar issues: I live between Belgium and Switzerand, I downloaded Warzone in Belgium so the country was automatically set to Belgium, but I have a Swiss number so I can’t enter my phone number because the +32 (prefix for Belgium) is locked. Do I need to change the country to Switzerland even if I am not there? Or there are other solutions?

In this case, we would recommend reaching out to our Support Team directly. They should be able to provide you with guidance for your specific situation.

Im also having this issue where i cant change the country code and with that not working i can no longer play warzone so is there a way to fix this because i tries all the other solutions on here but non of them worked.