Wrongful ban - please can someone fast track my ticket!

Hello - I’ve just woken up to a 14 day suspension on my account. I have made a ticket, I really want to get this addressed ASAP but no idea how long it may take for my ticket to be seen. Please help!:frowning:


What game is this for ?

If it’s for Diablo II (2000) or Diablo II LoD (2001), there are a few cases that will automatically result in a 14-days restriction when you log on to Battle.Net:

  • Using a VPN,
  • Connecting from a business class internet service (at work or in a hotel, for example),
  • Using a proxy connection.

The 14-days restriction period for these three scenarios is exactly 14-days down to the second. If you try logging in again with any of the above being true, the restriction period is reset/re-started.

There are other possible reasons for a temporary restriction… see this support note:

Support will not be able to lift the restriction.

I hope this helps.