Zooming in Diablo 4 Using the Mouse Scroll Wheel

One of the problems players experience with this feature is that it can be accidentally activated during combat. This can put players in a dangerous situation as they suddenly get a different perspective on the fight. Therefore, it is important that a solution is provided to address this issue.

One possible solution is to disable the ability to zoom using the scroll wheel during combat. This can be done by the game automatically detecting when a battle is taking place and temporarily disabling the zoom function. This would allow players to focus on the fight without worrying about accidentally zooming.

Another solution is to give players the ability to customize or turn off the zoom function in the game settings. This would give players the freedom to use the function when they want and turn it off when they want to concentrate on combat.

Overall, while the ability to zoom using the mouse scroll wheel can be a valuable addition to Diablo 4, it is important for developers to be aware of the potential issues it can cause and provide solutions to address them.

You can turn it off… I did in the beta

you can always change that in the option menu.