2 same items can't drop - myth

2 x same items can drop within the same game.

Normal, magic, rare, unique or set items twice the same or even tripple as experienced can drop withing the same game.

I have no idea why came up with this myth but I’m sure other players can debunk it as I have experienced several games where some kind of item, except for rare items, dropped multiple times within the same game, up to 4x cathan ring and 3x shaftstop.

If this was a rule before, loot has changed for sure.

where did you get this info from?

Heard this myth too some time ago. Total bollocks. Andy repeatedly graced me with dual angelic rings or sigon boots on many occasions :smiley:

Are you talk about expansion? Because this rule (one unique per game) work for pre-expansion and was removed in LoD.


Explains alot. Thank you.

more than that, you can even drop two identical unique or set items from the same monster, e.g. two sigon boots from hell mephisto

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Back in 2004 i dropped 2x Draculs within one game as a kid.

I had 2 Civerb’s Cudgels drop at the same time from diablo… oh and a sigon, about 3600 gold too and a stack of arrows. in hell.

Yeah that was actually a mechanic in D2 Vanilla which caused an insurgence of SoJ drops online…basically people would manipulate the drops so they’d stay in the game and kill basically everything until they cycled all the unique rings in the game until an SoJ would drop…

So yes, this “myth” was actually a real thing programmed in to D2: Vanilla but it was removed from LoD so players couldn’t manipulate SoJ drops. Like that worked any way… people duped them which brings us to our beloved and stupid Dclone event. :confused:


Back in the days that was some conclusion by people who did analyze the code.

Must have been patched out in the 1.10-1.14 patch range.

I read through all the patch notes looking for this specific topic.
Patch notes from 1.09 has the following statement:

“Fixed a bug that allowed the same Unique to be spawned more than one once in a game.”
If you don’t believe me, just copy/paste this sentence in your browser and you’ll find the origin of that. No subsequent patch notes have later said they changed this. That’s the origin of the “myth”.


As people already said, this was in the game actually since D2 release, but got later removed in one of the 1.10+ patches.

Does this mean that you can or can’t get duplicate drops in the same game? I’ve never gotten 2 from the same monster or separate monsters in the same game before. It just happened so I went googling because it never happened to me in classic and I heard this too.

You can drop multiples of the unique in the same game. But only because Patch 1.09 failed to address this issue; not because Blizzard changed anything. Their unchanged official position on this is that you cannot.

Item generation in Diablo 2 is never easy…
Let me try and see if I can explain what is the reason behind this “myth” is, and what is the current state of duplicate drops in Diablo 2 – which was certainly carried out to Resurrected since both share the same codebase.

There are three types of duplicate drops (not to be confused with dupes) in Diablo 2. And all are important to this discussion:

  • User duplicates happen when you are carrying (inventory or stash) an unique gained from another gaming session and you drop that unique from some monster or container. Blizzard never claimed this was not allowed. You can always drop a unique again, as long as it is not in the same game. But this particular type is important because of a fix in Patch 1.08 (see below).
  • Game duplicates happen when a unique drops more than once in the same game session. I you leave and join a new game you can drop multiples of the same unique, as long as each one drops on different games. This is the type of check that Blizzard claimed. A claim they haven’t changed.
  • Monster duplicates. Rarissimo, happen when a unique drops more than once from the same monster kill (usually a boss). This should be governed by the same rules as game duplicates. But as we will see below, multiple user reports of duplicate drops seem to indicate it suffers from the same hypothetical bug.

So, what has happened over the years?

Like was said before in this thread, Blizzard claimed that unique drops could only happen once in a game. But what is important to note is that, officially, Blizzard never changed that claim since.

Early on there was an unreported(?) bug in which players couldn’t drop either any unique items that they had in their inventory or stash. LoD Patch 1.08 reportedly resolved this bug and players were able to drop those uniques.

Then along come LoD patch 1.09 with this confusing release note “Fixed a bug that allowed the same Unique to be spawned more than once in a game.

We can only speculate, but knowing that the previous patch addressed a similar issue, it seems for a brief period, between patches 1.08 and 1.09, players could get multiples of the same unique in the same game. And patch 1.09 fixed this.

But is any of this actually true in the game code?

Apparently not. Over the years there were reports of players dropping the same unique twice in the same game. These reports are many and most are just hearsay. I would probably have to struggle a bit to find actually confirmed ones. But it is fair to say we can trust the community on this and that Blizzard in fact has a bug that always, or at least since Patch 1.08, allowed players to get these drops.

Diablo 2 has very punishing drop tables. So for us users to test for duplicate drops is actually very difficult (and offline testing isn’t an option here). I can’t recall if there ever was any confirmed drop reported back to the community. For Blizzard this would be more easy to test. But I think they must have realized at some point, probably after two release notes, it simply wasn’t worth the effort.

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Mephisto just today dropped me 2 Isenharts Body Armours on the same kill.

I also had double Facet dropped by Mephisto.

Please tell me at least one was a 5/5 :smiley:

Cold 5/5 and Light 4/4 :v: The first and only 5/5 I found.

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2 set items can drop in the same game, however 2 of the same unique can’t. Until there is video proof of this, i’m 100% certain that they can’t. Sets =/= unique.