30 days offline issues

Here is the famous 30 days offline unable to login issue and I will share some details about my issues:

  1. This happened weeks ago, but I don’t really think I’ve been absent for 30 days.
  2. My Diablo 2 can connect none of the 3 servers, while my other games can runs properly on US and Asian servers, but get different errors when connecting to EU server.
  3. My Battle.net can connect US and Asian Server, but not EU server.
  4. Regarding the EU server, if I login Battle.net with wrong passwords, the client gets rejected immediately saying the password is wrong; but if I use the correct one, it takes about 30s to get a BLZBNTBGS80000011(2) error.

So it seems the EU server is able to verify a wrong password, but still somehow reject a login. And it seems an error occurs if it’s Diablo 2 or it’s EU server.

I have tried everything I could do:
Reinstall Battle.net
Reinstall Diablo 2
Clean /appData/local/Blizzard Entertainment
Clean ipconfig, proxy, router, change wifi, switch to mobile hotspot
Enable/Disable VPN
Enable/Disable Firewall + Security
Change languages
Change timezone/date/time
Update system/NVidia
Turn off background processes

I’ve contacted support, they’ve responded but still not resolved.

So why do I spend time on the forum? Because I have heard someone who posted something here and did nothing else, and the issue just magically resolved itself. This is my ‘next trial’ and this is why I put it into ‘General Discussion’ instead of ‘tech support’, just another desperate trail.


Please tell me - did you manage to solve this problem? If it was possible, then how? Technical support offers options that do not work.