Blizz, new hidden cooldown

Yeah, now as i said, Get lost, we don’t need your opinion here.

Would be nice to have a different message than to check your internet connection in the chat lobby.

Get into a nice flow of baal runs but if someone makes a new game because they cba with souls and you leave too quick, you’re locked out from connecting for a couple of mins, by that time its full and you’re sat there with your thumb up your arse. Really fkn infuriating man. PD2 new season in a few weeks then this crap wont be a thing anymore

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if it were just those things, then yes. The problem is where it really kicks in - creating games that already exists, or joining games that doesn’t.

You get punished for that as well, and THAT is ruining public games.


not even close all the time happens

" What we are doing about it:

Rate limiting: We are limiting the number of operations to the database around creating and joining games, and we know this is being felt by a lot of you. For example, for those of you doing Pindleskin runs, you’ll be in and out of a game and creating a new one within 20 seconds. In this case, you will be rate limited at a point. When this occurs, the error message will say there is an issue communicating with game servers: this is not an indicator that game servers are down in this particular instance, it just means you have been rate limited to reduce load temporarily on the database, in the interest of keeping the game running. We can assure you this is just mitigation for now–we do not see this as a long-term fix."


false, this started to happen whit the implementation of queues, the first 3 weeks we could do one thousand 2s long games if we wanted to

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I know that they’ve put a rate limit to reduce loads, but this has been altered since implementation. Its now a longer wait than initially.

What is causing huge problems, at least in my opinion, is the fact that you are penalized for attempting to join a game that doesn’t exist or is full already - or try to create a game with a name that already exists. You can do this for several minutes before eventually being able to actually play the game.

If only this would be fixed Im kind of positive that a lot of people wouldn’t be complaining as much. I really dont mind the fact that I have to wait 1 minute or so between joining/creating games. But the fact that if I fail to do so in either way mentioned above, and THEN also have to wait… Theres so many ways that this screws up the playing experience.

Multiplaying is more or less not a thing unless its somewhat coordinated between players. Entering baal runs (which has ALWAYS been a thing, and before this was a thing people would do cow runs (prior to 1.10)) is an extremely frustrating endeavour, its almost impossible to get into a rhythm of games unless you make them and teleport yourself.

totally agree!

I just hope, that there will be some fixes done “soon” cause ladder is still to come :wink:

i dont need the ladder, if i can get the items i want - i couldnt care less about the ladder. but i do want them to fix the game. i’d much rather have a playable game than some useless icon on my desktop saying “d2”… nothing but a reminder i shouldnt buy products from blizzard in the future. this is my absolute worst favorite game of all time. i have such mixed feelings about this product im afraid of developing skizophrenia.

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I just wanted to mention that starting ladder-mode is sth important for Blizz and they obviously want to leave this beta-like mode as fast as possible :wink:


No boubt it can be quite frustrating but this is, as far as I know, is one of the antibot measures that have been implemented. Like few others said, it really gets frstrating when you switch between games or characters fast, in case you mule or trying to find a game that suits your needs. Whilst I agree with you it can be cumbersome, I would still leave this function as is, because I rather deal with this instead of bots.

it is important on baalruns, to quickly connect to next game… because they trigger cd even if you have not been connected (game was full or not created yet)

I think so too, but it is definitly not something i would release or sell as big known company. I dont want to believe they are lazy, probably not enough developers for all the details…

By connecting “too fast” i found my char dead altough i saved completely safe. This happened multiple times in less then an hour wtf. + the lag is real.

The author of the topic is absolutely right. This is especially infuriating when you climb several mules on your account and are looking for the right thing, because the inventory is small, albeit larger than in the classic D2 LOD.
I went in, looked in 10 seconds, there was no thing. Came out and wait 40 seconds to go to another character… well, it enrages, very much enrages.

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i dont see the point in it at all… its just frustrating actual players… and jsp is going to profit anyway and ruin the d2r market just like it did the d2 market…

Once valuables are converted into forum gold, they’ll start operating with a price that doesnt translate to in-game currency or valuables in the form of runes or items…

This is not a measure against bots!
This is, as stated by Blizzard couple of days ago, a measure to relieve the DB a bit. The DB is overloaded with errors and they needed to have less errors to be able to work with the DB to fix all complications creating this errors…

So it’s a temporary fix to lessen the load on the DB until the DB gets a permanent fix.

It is crazy however that the timer starts even when NOT joining a game. As people said before, it is triggered by trying to join a game that dont exist or trying to create a game that already exist… It’s horrible and gamebreaking…

I’m a trader in D2 and tradez in D2:LoD was great. In D2R you can’t scroll the gamelist properly, can’t join games properly and cant create tradegames properly…
If i join a tradegame, trade fast and leave, then i can’t join a new tradegame until 1min wait… It’s gamebreaking…
Even more gamebreaking is the fact that the games is not saved when clicking on it in the list, it just dissapears and you can’t join it because if you type the wrong gamename then you have to wait 1min to try again…

I loose about 80% of possible trades atm because bad gamedesign in gamelist/gamecreation…