Blizzard deleting Topics with people complaining about queues

I have waited 1,5h in queue 250 to play this game … killed Shenk and crashed to desktop. Now I am in queue 437 and I fear I have to wait 3h+ now

Thats cheekiness! And Blizzard is blaming the customers who paid 40€ for this piece of ****

I have no anti virus software … my firewall is open … I have a modern system … all drivers up2date … and every other game works fine.
THey have copy pasted the old D2 just to make fast and easy money. Now they do not know how to deal with all the complaints because their greediness made them alot of problems right now


This! I just wanted to play a quick round of D2R before duties. I was queued at 402! 45 minutes later it made the first jump to 298. I’ve got to quit now because my free time is gone. Thanks, Blizzard! Paid 40 € for this bs.


what a shame blizzard

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Blizzard’s track record with past and present severs is sadly very poor. You pay your money, install the game, press play only to find a large queue of 200 or so. So you wait, and wait and wait. In the end you give up because your pissed off with waiting. So Blizzard have your money, they know whats going on (but fail to inform you). This has been the state of play for a long time.

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You guys at least see the queue. i havent seen anything apart from Black screen and mouse cursor since i bought it 3-4 weeks ago. i can hear the music etc. but nothing happens.
Updated drivers, had 2 pathces since and no change…

at least i know that from above post that i am not missing out much lol

You can literally see a bunch of these topics in this forum… what are you talking about? Maybe they removed some which contained something more than complaints? Like wishing someone to die?

They are deleting topics with complaints because we really don’t need 1000 threads about the same thing.

How about when someone gets upset about the queue, they post about it in one of the threads already about it? I mean come on, I’ve counted at least five threads about filing a lawsuit. Maybe there should be a lawsuit, who knows, but we don’t need to FIVE THREADS to discus it.

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Do we need 100 threads about queues? Could it be that they clean duplicate threads from the forums so that we can have other topics than que and how long it is? I can understand that people are upset but stop being so over dramatic.

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Not only the queue is annoying! I dislike the idea if you leave a game and join to fast you get 30+sec CD and cant join any other game. its devastating if you do any kind of run. if the run is finish you have to wait 30+sec. until then the game is full! you get punished and have to wait another 30sec. why not like in old days where if you join games 3-5x in a row real quick you get the 30+sec CD? to much effort?

Stop complaining or you get banned

Better ask for refund

No refund possible! This is a scam, not a fair deal! You pay and then get what you get. If you have complains you can f yourself.


Actually i’ve seen em lock up plenty of que complaining topics sooooo… You can literally see a bunch of locked que complaining topics in this forum. What are you talking about? Fanboy.

Because that lets you know just how pissed folks are about the issue. Hope they flood the forums up with complaints about the ques. They’re unacceptable. Period. So sad that it bothers you that folks are letting blizz know they’re fed up. So sorry.

Go to the “newest” - planty of new and old topics complainig about queues. More of a same useless topics coming tomorrow as well.
The one that I witnessed and can’t find anymore was from mentally unstable person wishing devs to die.

Lol just saw them lock a que timer thread with just them complaining about the que times. No threats. Its still on the first page. So, your stance on the 1-2 hour wait times?

Next up : Blizzard deleting topics with people complaining about Blizzard deleting topics with people complaining about queues.

Proof of fake are who your post are from 14 hours ago (now) and is not deleted.

You have explanation pinned. Yes, queue are a shit, but I prefer this than getting server down for 3~10 hours. If you cannot wait, you can go play DIII.

Please keep deleting them. I’m trying to report bugs but it gets pushed to page 1 billion by people who come here to complain about what the developers already know. They’re working on it, shut up so the rest of us can be useful.

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Hey everyone,

Just to make things crystal clear, we do not delete threads where players may be unhappy with something, such as the current queues that we’re all seeing right now. Our developers are aware of this issue, and have posted some information to address this situation:

That being said, we will action any message or response where a player has posted an inappropriate message (including insults, threats, or anything that may be against our code of conduct). When such a message is actioned, the message is automatically deleted; if the message in question was the first message / OP of a thread, this thread may be deleted.

Finally, note that this is different from threads being merged into one. In this case, the thread will remain visible but locked, and a message will redirect you to the main thread where the responses were merged into.

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