BMB family is recruting new ppl

About US: BloodMoonBrothers started as a “league of legends” clan… meanwhile we also play other games togheter such as “monster hunter” some shooters and obv Diablo ^^

i am an veteran from the ol school diablo2 LoD but the others are quite new to the game

i would love to expand our little family by one or two other veterans/passionated Diablo2 fans… we are from switzerland but all of us are fluent in english and german ofc

we are open minded and most of us are between 20 and 30 years old … we have 2 youngsters who play with us as well but only league.

if you are curious and be looking for a funny, crazy group of people; hit me up.
we are excited to read your message :slight_smile:

I would like to play with a steady group, if its non ladder. I am an old hand at Dialblo 2, but have paused for several years. I returned with D2 resurrected.

I want to try play with you!!! Eterishe#2749