Cant start the game

Bought the bundle a while ago, just downloaded diablo2 to try it out, and cant log in.
Got that error, while connected to bnet.
“You have not been online in the last 30 days. Please
start the game while online to check for any login agreements.”

This problem occurs for many players who have not used the game for a while. There is no solution. Most likely, there is an unknown algorithm according to which the authorization server rejects the connection attempt of the game client. Technical support does not admit this and suggests doing some manipulations by rearranging the game and deleting local files. It won’t lead to anything.
I have had this problem since March 2023. There are people who have had it longer. During this time, I completely replaced the computer and installed the game client with all the files again. Nothing helps from the users’ side. We were simply banned from using this product.

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