Character is allready in game. Players need restart servers plzzzz

Exactly the same for me…

same. even new character doenst work for me

Do something Blizz it´s weekend

Nothing changed, as well, Blizzard

Beautiful company, beautiful support, beautiful launch!

hey blizz …is this a part of your little experiment how people with different language can talk with eachother?

Same problem here.
New Character > Black Screen
Already created character before server issue > Already in a game.

Not cool.

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What an absolute sad, pathetic, awful joke of a performance by blizzard mismanaging this release.

First they ask €40 for an updated old game, and after running an alpha and a beta they manage to create nothing but harsh feelings, anger, annoyance and distrust to a loyal community. Meanwhile they post on twitter that the issue has been resolved while it very clearly isn’t, don’t give updates on how it’s proceeding, and refuse to reboot servers which would sort it out for the most part.

My character has been ingame for 5 hours now. A pitty I 'm not because otherwise I would have fun, which is the purpose of a game: to provide fun.

Let me repeat that: My character has been ingame (while I’m not connected to blizzard) for 5 hours now. 5! FIVE! On what is probably supposed to be one of the peakdays.

Great Job blizz… really impressed.


Same issue for about 3 hours now

4 hours in here with same problem! I would like play with my friends!!!


It’s for hours now … since i got kicked out of the game and can’t join again cause my character is stuck in a game… i mean …really?

it was the same problem on launch day and 1 day later the same thing again … you haven’t fixed it … what the hell is wrong with you?
that’s what you do alpha and beta test for?! that the game can’t be played on launch? i’m really sick that such a big company can’t even once get a game launch right … you should be ashamed!

Help cant play. Character is STUCK!!!

Diablo 2: Disconnected


same problem here. pls fix

Same problem here!!!

I have the same issue for 3 hours. Why can’t resolve that!? Just restart servers and keep looking for the problem

A server restart would impact the streamer - this is something blizz does not want :wink:

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been locked out all day, send help.

been locked out 4hours, please help

Havent been able to join any game, or create a game with any character for the past 4 hours.
Main character is already in a game, as she was yesterday for god knows how many hours, and when it did start working you did a rollback and removed progression.
The other characters just gets failed to join game, and the game gets stuck when trying to create a game with those characters.