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Hi Blizzard,

Yesterday my friend and I played to level 19 act 3… today we are only level 9 act 1…
Can you fix it?

Kind regards…


Hello i have a problem with the game.
When i play offline i lose my progres level and equipment.
2 times i end 1 act on game and 2 times i back to the level 6 .
Plz doo somethig.

Hello guys, I have a question. As I see for controllers a system of using skills looks like diablo 3, but for keyboards remained the same. So can I can I have the same control for the keyboard, and what about keyboard/mouse macros, can I use it for change to some skill and use it by one key?

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Добрый вечер ! У меня игра не запускается !! При нажатии “играть” вылетает ошибка !

У многих точно такая же проблема. Ждём патч от blizzard. Обещали выпустить в понедельник, а для нас, так это вообще будет во вторник будет.

Please let the game work! I bought it, and now that it won’t even load… it reminds me to when you bought the game in 1999 and there was a complete game that could work. I feel like this game was released for accounting purposes towards the end of the year to account for positive income on the statement or something, because clearly this game does NOT work!!! I get the black screen of death upon start but I hear the lobby music!


Hi. I finish 4 act in normal and can’t craete or join another games, because my haracters in act5

Now i can’t enter arreat summit and baal location

hi classic is still unplayable without using third party services to locate players because almost all games are invisible

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If here is the improper channel to inform your company of a critical issue with the game, which renders it nearly unplayable, I’d love to know exactly where I should be leaving this feedback.

D2 classic is my favorite game ever, and has been since it came out. If you give me a phone number to call every day to beg for help I’ll happily do it.

Servers are ridiculous. I start a game for a baal run. When im at 8th or 9th game servers let me down. I try to reconnect then voila my own game is full. I teleport to baal so someelsr can get the xp. In just 1 hour I can only play for 40 mind. Rest is game crashes and disconnections. Eu servers needs an upgrade imo.

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Cant join or greate game , double char names issieu? Chars are alreaddy in a game?

Hello, I want to play the archer with the multiple shot. I don’t know how to start with it, the multiple shot use so much mana that I have already used up my entire inventory of mana after a mop group. I’m afraid that I won’t make it all the time. In many videos I see that the people who use the multiple shot hardly use any mana at all. What am I doing wrong and how can I kill with the bag shooter.

Какой-то кошмар, есть время играть только в воскресение, но поиграл час и выкинуло из сессии, а теперь моего перса вообще не видит игра на сервере, будто вообще не играл. Зачем нужно было делать привязку к серверу батлнет, если из-за проблем на сервере я не мог даже в офлайне продолжить? Зато все борются за равенство, а свою работу делать не могут, а потом плачут, что игры на торентах качают, а не покупают


Server down, quite often.