Clean ignore list

Because of all the chatbots, my ignore list is full. The problem is that I can’t empty them. How do I clear the list?

In the lobby → go to friend list (icon left to [Lobby]—> there you see the blocked users
here you can clear them with a right click and unblock

How can u ignore players? When I try to ignore someone, I always get the message “unable to ignore”.

Arbl, that’s exactly the problem, it just doesn’t work that way.

Now i got you. Im having the same problem.
maybe the accounts dont exist anymore ? Its weird

update: found it !
you can unblock via app
go to friend settings → friend and chat settings → view block list


It worked. finally an empty list for new bots, thx.

How do you block players? That dosnt work for me.

We really need the /filtermsg option back in D2R!