Crash when loading

Game/bnet client keep crashing.

I have just bought d2r and for some reason it keeps crashing when i take a waypoint or enter a game… basically whenever the loading page (door with light) comes up. I have a very good computer and run all other recent games in ultra. I tried everything to fix it and does not work.

Can i get a refund? Game is unplayable.

Ich habe ein ähnliches Problem. Ich komme NICHT in das Spiel.
Ich habe den aktuellsten Grafik-Treiber.
Ich möchte mein Geld zurück.
Ich spiele dann lieber den PlugY-Mod

Same here, i have just bought the game and it fails immediately with this error message : Failed to initialize graphics device. Please ensure your PC mees the minimum system requirements and your drivers are up to date.
My pc is ok as I play Diablo III (with all extensions) without problem !
I have 16Go of RAM, a Core I5-6500 CPU, and a Geforce GTX 1060 with 6Go of RAM. So , I meet the system requirements !

Someone can help please ?

It stopped doing tmit for me. I turned off asus gaming and it works fine now. Idk if they fixed it on their end but it works for me now. No more crash.

Glad to here :ok_hand:
I still have my issue :frowning: The night has changed nothing :smiley:

I have the same problem during using town portal or just from time to time.

Same here with Radeon 6900xt. Current drivers are installed. Crashes begun
a few days ago. Just random crashes while loading screen but not always.

I’m auto quoted myself, Win 10 was needed … What a pity.
Anyway, now it works fine :ok_hand: Hope it will stay healthy while playing the game :wink:

Same here, my computer never has issues. but i started playing D2R and it crashes on loading screens for no apparent reason. I can play all day, and then when D clones come it wont let me start a game 6 times in a row.

set ram timing to super slow, set cpu voltage and clocks to stock, set gpu clocks and voltages to stock. no dice.

This is definitely an issue with D2, along with the ridiculously high pings. big surprise Blizz isnt doing anything about it.