D2R improvement ideas

Hi, I am a big fan of Diablo II resurrected. I would like to share some of my thoughts on what changes that could make Diablo II resurrected a perfect game. Please give me your thoughts on my suggestions. Let me know what other improvements you have in mind.

  1. Show the item-level of the items. Show the level of the areas as well. This will give the player a better understanding when it comes to where to farm and what to craft.

  2. Make it possible to customize the look of items for some sort of cost, for example perfect skulls. Restoring the item to the original look should be for free.

  3. Add a currency tab among the shared stash where every different rune, gem, key, essence, skull and organ have a specific spot. And make them stackable.

  4. Make it possible, while holding the mouse on a unique item or set item, to see what stats variations the item could possibly have. This would make it easier to understand whether an item is perfect or not, or how far from perfect it is. In that way the player would no longer need to check that piece of information elsewhere.

  5. Create an in-game encyclopedia for runewords and cube recipes. The encyclopedia should also contain information about how to upgrade runes, adding sockets, removing sockets, upgrading armor/weapons, character break points etc. This would give newer players insights about the depth of the game. Also, this would help the more experienced players since they no longer have to check for the specific information on a website.

  6. Enable longer longer game descriptions. That would make it much easier to fully describe what the purpose of the specific game is.

  7. Enable “fast-moves” of items from the inventory to the trading box, just like it is possible to fast-move items from the inventory to the stash. This feature would make the trading much smoother and save the players a lot of time since they no longer have to drag every single object from the inventory to the trading box with the mouse.

  8. Make it possible to rename your characters.

  9. Make it possible for players to pick up unidentified Annis/Torches/Gheeds, but prevent them from being identified while one is already in inventory.

  10. Create a “trading chat” that automatically pops up between you and the other person when you establish/begin a trade.

  11. Make the grief damage+XXX showing on the characters attack damage in the character screen (like all other items do).

  12. Add some sort of marking next to the player who created the game when opening the party box. This simplifies especially in trading games, since you now know who the game creator is.

  13. The text of dropped gems and skulls should be shown in some different color. Also charms and jewels. Then it will be easier to se them among all the other items. For example pink/purple.

  14. Have a small symbol above the health potion slots for each of the passive skills that are active at the moment. In that way it is much easier to know whether the passives are still active or not.

  15. Make it possible to sort the games in the scroll list based on elapsed time or number of players in game.

  16. Make a separate inventory for charms. The charm inventory should be 4x8 or 4x10 squares. This would improve the looting a lot since you would have more space for loot.

  17. Raise the max character level to 100.

  18. Make it possible to break down higher quality gems into lower quality gems in the cube. For example, one perfect ruby should break down into two flawless rubys, one flawless ruby should break down into two rubys and so on.

  19. Make it possible to create a public game with no hostile option.

  20. Make it possible to upgrade the scroll of identify/scroll of portal up to 100 quantity. This feature should cost some sort of material, for example, one of every low rune.

  21. Change the quest-rewards for the quests that are useless. Suggestions for the new rewards are:
    • 5% faster run/walk
    • 10% increased magic find
    • 5% faster cast rate/5% faster hit recovery
    • upgrading (upping) an item for free.

  22. Fix the ias-bug. If you have two one-handed weapons with ias only the ias from one of the weapons is shown in the character details box.

  23. Remove mosaic. It ruins the game.

  24. Change the space in the cube to 4x4.

  25. Create some sort of late-game rifts where the players can compete and compare the strength of their characters. This will get people to come up with new builds and new ideas. The rifts must be carried out on your own and should cost some sort of material to enter. Also, the rifts should not give any advantages such as better loot. The rifts should just aims to make the late game more competitive with some sort of rankings.

  26. Add new areas and three more quests so act 4.

  27. Remove the maggot lair and replace it with a new area. It is just awful walking through the maggot lair since it is so narrow that you cannot pass by other players.

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The most important thing imo is to patch this duping ppl are doing with runes… This completly destroy the game economy

I have a great idea FIX YOUR servers lagging so hard like in 2009 or 10 :smiley: you take money for this game… and its imposiblle to play !!! Tuesday evening >? really