DClone as Money Sink

Hi Blizzard,

Just a suggestion on reworking DClone.

DClone should act as an important sink for currency to counteract inflation as everyone is effectively printing “money” when playing as items drop. In legacy D2, DClone was designed to take SOJ’s the mass dupped “currency” out of the game. I think in the current D2R, it should perform a similar function with the current “currency” of high runes.

For example, make DClone spawn in a single game when someone sells a single Zod rune. No more IP hunting. Therefore DClone would be a sink for high-runes taking them out of circulation. Right now SOJs are so expensive - Lo+Ohm ish and practically speaking no one uses the SOJ as an item and only as a way to get DClone. I believe this is also not your intention.

Plus this would also accomplish your other stated goal of making Zods+chams more useful without creating a bunch of new OP runewords that uses Zod+cham. No new runewords means the player power and balance would not be significantly affected. You can still make a few additional Cham+Zod runewords as planned to make them also more versatile but there will be no need to create many runewords that can compete with the OP enigma and infinity for example. Plus as the highest rune, players can theoretically cube lower runes to make it for DClone.

You can balance this with the rarity of Zods by making DClone have a chance of dropping another rune Mal-Cham so you are partially refunded a rune besides an anni or something additional or just a single anni charm and let the community find the market value of an anni. In any case tweeks can be made to the basic idea depending on what y’all believe is balanced and the proper amount of currency to remove to keep a balanced ecosystem.

Don’t know what you think about this idea.