Defense showing as '- -' while running?

What is happening to character’s Defense while he’s running? Is this just a visual bug or does it actually have something to do with the mechanics?

Defense showing as - -

Also, oh my God is this forum technology back from nineteen aught seven? How do you people cope with this even… I’m going to reddit.

The to-hit formula is ignored while running. So even low-level monsters will hit you. You need to walk if you wnat to avoid this.
iirc blocking works at 1/3 efficiency while running.

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Looks like I’ve been playing this game wrong for 20 years… Why though? Why such a non-obvious penalty? It’s pretty slow as it is and running doesn’t give much of an advantage on bosses anyway. Why penalize for faster movement and NOT emphasizing it, too?..

It’s just adding mechanics for the sake of it, same as stamina bar and medium&heavy armor movement speed&stamina drain penalty. It’s not documented in the game and iirc not even in the original booklet manual.

The main problem with these so-called mechanics is that most of them become obselete a few hours into the game, while being a huge nuisance in the beginning.

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