Diablo 2 Ressurected future (season 5 no changes included)

Hello there,

I would like to know how much currently staff works on only on D2R, seasons especially?

Game or should I say “Ressurected” edition of the game is rather new (2 years now) and yet so soon we got a season with nothing changes. If you guys plans to release season after season with no content just skip the season thing entirely - there is really no point. The seasons aren’t all about griding each 3-4 months for that level 100…

We payed for a game and we expect new things, both as new players and as veteran players from the good old D2LOD days.

Change ur politics regarding games. Getting lousy profit from games without reaching to players and making them happy with the product is hardly worth it. Eat a cookie and have a cookie - it is that simple.

I would like to ask for not commenting this post with opinions and stuff like that, this is strictly informative post for the Blizzard.