Diablo 2R in 2024

Diablo 2R in 2024

  • 2024 No infinite stash tabs

  • 2024 Season Ladders don’t add anything to keep players playing the season

  • 2024 Monsters in Ladder are Elite Speed Buffed with +100%HP/Def because reasons and without extra rewards for the players playing with those buffed enemies.


  • 2024 Rampart RMT

  • 2024 No Item Loot Filter

  • 2024 you still need to ID equipment

  • 2024 You can’t stack gems and runes

  • 2024 Inventory size of a pea

  • 2024 KB+M players don’t have advantages of Gamepad players

  • 2024 Limited respects (The need to farm some legendary dust to respect is like women seeing unicorns)

  • 2024 not all classes and builds are leveled to the OP ones to make all viable

  • 2024 No TCP/IP+LAN options

  • 2024 No mod support

What are the plans from the devs to keep playerbase and keep players playing this game in the next years?

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Bots were constant thing in Diablo 2 original aswell, they eventually stopped banning them I hear.
This is why I play SSF even if I’m online, no matter the game. Especially in D2R everything is much easier to find and create compared to original Diablo 2.

Why should they? It’s about sales. Game was good at launch, was sold. They don’t get revenue for keeping game alive. It’s the same story with D4, except they hyped it good, the game is weak… but sales awesome.

I played LoD a lot and really could not wait for D2r. Then it was released…queues , queues, queues and when you finally were in, you could only see a fraction of the existing games.
They blamed the players, because of their “modern” playstyle. Well, we did Baal runs in LoD back then, we did Mephisto mf runs, cs mf runs etc, back then as well. Because of this a lot of players quit D2r (me included).
Now i come back and realize its less players, than back in old LoD in 2020, with the crapy graphics.
Classic they killed totally. No expanded inventories, despite a ton of classic players made petitions. Dont think, they will invest more money into D2R.
Where Blizzard North / Blizzard at he start had a beating heart, they now just have stock market prices.

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This is why they have created D4. The game is so bad that players will automatically turn back to D2R. Trust me, I have given the game a chance for 3 seasons and it is just stupid and no fun. Back to D2R despite that there will not be any new content. A fun game too is D2 Remodded, which is a modded version of D2R and it addresses all the items that you have identified above, especially the stash tabs which are pretty much unlimited. The only problem is that it is single palyer and no trading, but items are so good trading is really irrelevant.

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D2R is a Blizz game? Do you really believe in Blizz??? :smiley:

Play D2R in SP with mods for examble Vanilla++ or remodded and be happy :wink:

From Blizz u will get a golden piece of sh*t

Save&Exit confirmation needs to be added. 20 years and it’s not been done yet.

Just noticed… they do a season 7 without any modifications ??? there are tons of things promised and nothing…

If they could stop botting that would be awesome. I would love mod support and LAN options. Special season level would be also quite nice but other than that keep it simple at it is. The reason I love this game is it’s perfect with the imperfections :slight_smile: that said if your suggestions would be implemented, I would still play. :smiley: