Diablo clone didn't happen


I was waiting for dclone in SC NL game on EU server, diablo clone was supposed to come at a moment or another as we had the message “terror is about to be unleashed upon sanctuary”, and then it jumped directly to “terror approaches sanctuary” without having the “Diablo has invaded Sanctuary.” message.
It was today around ~4:00 PM CEST. Any explanation about this ?


I have seen the same happening just now.

It went from “Terror is about to be unleashed upon Sanctuary” to “Terror approaches sanctuary”.

What is happening?

Edit: it just went from “terror begins to form within Sanctuary” to “terror gazes upon Sanctuary”.

I suppose that there is no point in trying to get an anni anymore.

I stayed in the same game and went for Dia, a4. Turns out that the first superunique, or what ever he was still spawned Diaclone, got a crappy anni, 10/10/7.
So when it happens you still need to check if you can make him spawn.

Thx for the feedback. I see that blizzard starff is not on a hurry to answer this. on my side i checked super uniques but no dclone unfortunately