Diablo II Resurected avatar / integration on Battle Net games


It’s just a question / a simple request about Diablo 2: Resurected integration on Bnet :

Can you add some avatars of Diablo II : Resurected (maybe old artworks of the first game and / or artworks of the remaster) on Battle Net like for all the other games ? It will be really cool ! :heart_eyes:
And the possibility to add Diablo II : Resurected on the game list on the profile too …
I know it’s purely aesthetic and the integration of the game in the list of games played on Bnet profil is a not very useful function but it would be cool of you to do it like for all the other games because this game deserves it :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance and good continuation

Good Idea. :+1:

For better chance, this will be read from a competent person, you should post this in the US Battle.net App Feedback Forum: