Enhancing Build Diversity and Player 8 Viability in Diablo 2

Hey fellow Diablo 2 players,

I’ve been giving some thought to the current state of Assassin builds, specifically the “Dual Mosaic,” and I wanted to open up a discussion about potential adjustments that could make other builds, like kicksins and hybrid kicksins, more viable in Player 8 settings. The goal here is to create a more diverse range of effective builds without negatively impacting the PvP aspect of the game.

There are two key elements that I believe could be adjusted to achieve this:

  1. Crushing Blow Mechanic: It would be great if the damage from Crushing Blow could scale in relation to the number of players in the game. This could be achieved by making the damage output correspond to the total health pool of monsters relative to the number of players present. To prevent excessive scaling, a diminishing return mechanic could be implemented to ensure a balanced experience. This change could not only benefit Assassin builds but also positively impact other classes, such as Zealadins, providing a more level playing field in Player 8 games.
  2. Death Sentry Skill: One option to improve the viability of the Death Sentry skill is to introduce a synergy that increases its damage output. While this change might not significantly affect Player 1 gameplay, it could help the skill stay relevant as monster health scales up in Player 8 games. Alternatively, adjusting the damage of Death Sentry based on the number of players, similar to the “Corpse Explosion” skill of the Necromancer, could also help in maintaining its effectiveness.

By making these adjustments, the aim is to encourage players to explore various Assassin builds and enhance the overall gameplay experience, particularly in higher player settings. These changes should promote build diversity, strategic planning, and enrich the cooperative multiplayer aspect of Diablo 2 without encroaching on the PvP balance.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these potential adjustments and any other ideas you might have to make builds more viable and engaging in Player 8 games for every classes.

Wrote by IA