EU servers down again?

Ok they are up seems a small hiccup.

lost my vipermagi

Но зато они вырезали локальный кооператив, потому что Котик боится потерять прибыль… Аве Котик, мяус мурк!

where is the compensation for their mistakes?

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Server seems to be back online. But now the game crashes every time I’m trying to log in to the game. Loading…loading…loading…crash. Every single time! And no, that’s not caused by my pc or by my internet connection. Every other game runs smooth and without any issues on my pc.
This is the third time I’ve got this issue and I’m really sick and tired of it! I demand a refund.

something to note, every time they turn it back, you lose like 30mins of gameplay. So for example on Friday, I’ve lost IST rune from hellforge, today I’ve lost Tal Rasha’s swirling crystal and also my inventory, that I finally cleared is messed like before. This is really crap, what if I’ve found some really top item and this happens. You make drop rate like shit, people spend milion of days to actually find a high rune and then your servers crash and people are losing the stuff.

i lost a vampire gaze helmet…

So the server seems to be up again. Still I lost 1,5 level, all my progress in act 3 hell (from spider forest to upper kurast) and everything I had found on the way is lost. I seldom complain in forums but this is not acceptable. Others have lost alot more, but we have all lost time :frowning:
I don’t know if I dare play anymore… I mean this really kills the motivation and fun.


Europe Server Cannot me Connected

So ok guys. The first thing when i play with my friend we took 2 high runes Ohm and Sur After shutdown servers i lost my Sur rune, please check logs of my account and return my rune back. In the second shutdown server we go to the uber and we cant kill uber couse servers down. And i don’t get back organ set.

Hi ! EU down again !?
Many time loosing !!! rollback ! rollback ! rollback !
I’m very happy :frowning:
grrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!


Servers down once again…


again, this is getting annoying, farming to see your stuff rollbacked is not what i paid for


Joer tio… Otra vez… estaba a punto de cerrar un trato súper bueno para mi y justo pasa esto.

Como vuelva a pasar de nuevo devolveré el juego, me estoy cansando ya… Entre que no me cae una mierda y la caída de servidores estoy… harto

Hab gerade ne Ist rune im cow gefunden , wenn die weg ist wein ich …

Yea character list is empty again. Its getting a bit ridiculous at this point tbh.

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I can remotely, very vaguely understand crashes on weekends, influx of players etc.

But monday morning? Really? You guys suck harder than a B* in heat.

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lol. again servers are down.

Make Servers Down Again.

wtf - all characters gone… please stop doing this.